Greg Gleason has taken his magic and illusions to 85 countries!




Greg performed over 9000 illusion shows at the MGM in Las Vegas.  The theater was custom built for the show with the stage in the center of the theater and seats completely surrounding it.  All the props were lowered on cables to the stage when needed.  The show was sold out almost every performance!




In 2002 Greg opened his show, Gleason Magic- Embrace the Mystery at the Venetian Hotel.  This show featured a Lamborghini appearance and a straight jacket escape preformed 30ft in the air over the audience, the water levitation, the motorcycle vanish, and 10 other illusions.

Greg Gleason

When Greg was 13, he happened upon a television special by magician, Doug Henning.  He was already familiar with many magicians he'd found in books and on television, but something about that particular magic special thoroughly enchanted him.  It was the day Greg decided what he wanted to do with his life.

Today, Greg is one of the top performing magicians in the world, doing shows literally all over the world.  In Las Vegas, he starred in "The Wizard's Secrets" at the MGM Hotel and Casino, performing a record-breaking 9000 shows there.  He also went on to star in "Gleason Magic - Embrace the Mystery" at the Venetian Hotel and Casino.  Greg has taken both his grand illusion show and his sleight-of-hand show around the world, performing on extended contracts in Japan and China.  He has toured the U.S. five times in sold out performing art theaters. He is also a favorite headliner with the top luxury cruise lines.

Greg's thrilling and cutting-edge performances have made him an international sensation.  His shows exhibit his impeccable technique and a dedication to his craft that is rarely seen in modern illusion acts today.  His sleight-of-hand skills are as smooth as silk, truly making astonishing magic.

The International Magician's Society named Greg Illusionist of the Year, and also he was awarded Magician of the Year at the World Magic Awards.

From his parents' living room to stages all over the world, Greg's life-long commitment to magic has not only perfected his abilities, it's also transformed the world of magic.  His innovative ideas and creative presentations continue to delight audiences by the thousands, and hopefully inspire other 13-year-olds to chase their dreams