Video Gallery

The Helicopter Illusion.

Greg's signature illusion.  Producing a full size helicopter on stage!


This is a great illusion.

Greg's Levitation

See Greg levitate in mid air!


Vanishing Motorcycle

Audiences are completely baffled by this incredible feat in which Greg make a motorcycle vanish in mid air.  This illusion was performed recently by Greg while on tour with Beyond Belief and on the Norwegian Dawn.

Light as a Feather

Another Gleason Magic exclusive illusion.  Watch as Greg levitates his assistant on her feather boa!

Cutting in 8ths

Magicians have cut their assistants in half for a century, see Greg divide his assistant into 8 pieces!

The Haunted Table

A haunted table from the Stanely Hotel comes to life as 8 people place their hands on top of it!  It was a highlight in the past tour of Masters of Illusion.

Sawing Jessica, the weather girl in half

Visiting Global News in Canada while on tour with Masters of Illusion I had time to saw Jessica in half.  The Illusion is real, the entire studio was green screen.  Check out the scroller on the bottom, it says twenty westerns were killed in similar circumstances.  Glad they weren't talking about my performance!

The Artist Dream

The Artist Dream was a feature of my show at the Venetian Hotel.

The Water Levitation

The Water Levitation was a feature of my show at the Venetian Hotel.  I first saw Doug Henning do it on one of his television specials and thought it was one of the most beautiful illusions ever

The Terminator Illusion

Greg's body vanishes from his knees to his neck!

Sawing Illusion performed on the streets of Hollywood Blvd.

This illusion was performed on Hollywood Blvd for a TV show called Don't Blink.

The Gypsy Thread

The smallest illusion in my illusion show and a beautiful piece of magic.

The smallest illusion in my illusion show and a beautiful piece of magic.

Statue Of The Pharaohs

Greg is proud to present one of Doug Henning's favorite illusions.  Greg acquired Doug's actual prop that he used on 2 of his tv specials, one of his Broadway shows, and his touring show.  It is the only one of its kind!

The Mirage Godess Illusion

Hey, I'm sitting on it!

The Gleason Spiker Illusion

Greg's 1st Illusion! Updated and still a great one!

The Upside Down Straight-Jacket.

Thurston! One of the most amazing pieces of magic ever presented!